QuickName is a program that is meant to be used to change the naming conventions of files. It is able to rename several thousand files in a few seconds.

The main purpose of the program is to take a common letter or punctuation out of filename and change it something else more desirable. Files can also be named using Indexing.

For Example: You could change the file:

Or by using changing the caps and extension you could change the file to:
        My Favorite Type Of File.mpg

With Indexing you could rename all your files in a format such as this:
My Pictures_1.jpg
My Pictures_2.jpg
My Pictures_3.jpg
My Pictures_4.jpg

This application is still in early development and many more features will be added in the future.


        -Mac OS 10.3


        -If you like this program please make a donation to crymsan@yahoo.com (paypal) or email me so more useful software can me made for the Mac.

Contact information:

        -Any questions can be sent to quickname@parknation.com including bugs and ideas for new functionality.

Version Changes:

VS 1.3.2
        -Fixed Bug where program would bomb on selecting a folder

VS 1.3.1
        -Painstakingly added 10.2 (Jaguar) support

VS 1.3.0
        -Added the ability to insert text at any given point in a filename
        -Added the ability to remove text at any given point in a filename

VS 1.2.1
        -Added Version Checking

VS 1.2.0
        -Added option so files can be copied to a new folder with their new names
        -Added option to indexing mode to allow the file extension to remain intact
        -Made the renaming process more reliable and flexible for future development

VS 1.1.2:
        -Fixed bug where in Indexing mode where the number of digits would not effect the outcome
        -Change renaming so all files are moved to temporary filenames in order to allow renaming of similar files

VS 1.1.1:
        -Fixed bug where program would not run due to dependancy on build files.

VS 1.1.0:
        -Added Indexing Mode
        -Fixed Bug where files would not be renamed because of HFS case insensitivity
        -Changed the default new delimiter to nothing so special delimiters are removed by default
        -Option was added so files could be altered without using the delimiters
        -Option was added so the case of the files could be uppercased, lowercase, or capatalized
        -Extensions are only identified by a period not by delimiter (may be changed if requested)
        -Extensions case can be changed to lowercase of uppercase

VS 1.0.0:
        -Initial release

Current Bugs:

        VS 1.3.1:
        -When selecting folder which contain files with characters outside of the 256 ascii range it will bomb

        VS 1.1.1:
        -Modifying the digits on the Index windows have no effect

        VS 1.1.0:
        -Would not run do to dependancy on build files.

        VS 1.0.0:
        -Files will not Rename when only the case is changed due to the hfs being case-insensitive
        -AutoUpdate Preference not Updating after program restart


        -Allow the program to check the files against various internet databases in order to automatically name the files.
        -Allow the program to recurse through directories
        -Allow the user to select individual files
        -Allow the user to drag and drop files